Our Consulting

Caleway applies new technology, that helps create and analyze customer behavior data in real time, during planning and executing digital marketing campaigns.


Caleway plans and executes customer personalized behavior research while delivering automated digital marketing campaigns for their prospects. We scale campaigns for audiences across all channels. With integrated lead management and professional campaign creation, the behavior research helps you engage the right audience at the right time in your customer journey. By gaining real-time insight through customer DNA, your team can close more deals at a faster rate, increasing Marketing‘s ROI.


Caleway believes that creating and applying digital strategy requires a comprehensive approach that reviews every aspect of your business and current online presence. We research and analyze data, ensuring that your goals are clearly defined from the outset. With the delivery of an overriding vision and marketing plan, you can then understand precisely where your business needs to be heading. We provide a rich user experience and develop a service that generates positive ROI.

Data Analysis

The digital marketing campaigns generate vast amounts of timely, accurate data about customer behavior. The ability to capture, manipulate and understand this data in real time is vital to craft, target and refine strategy that builds brands and generates sales. By analyzing rich social data such as customer sentiment, engagement, customer experience, user experience, interests and affinity, social marketers can catch customers at the right inflection of a buy cycle, and influence them to engage with relevant products and services.

Our Services

Caleway campaigns use unique integration marketing tools to create and analyze your customer behavior data across any marketing channel, including social, mobile, web, push, display and mail.


Caleway designs, creates and distributes compelling content across multiple marketing channels to the customers you want to reach and analize. This creation can be presented in a variety of formats, including: Fan page, Webpage, CRM Sales platforms, Mobile web, Mobile application, e-Detailing, Video, Display, Animations, Banners, Photo, Prints, e-Books, Blogs, Case studies, How-to guides. We prove client's success with reporting and tracking features that show ROI in real time.


Caleway plans comprehensive campaigns across marketing channels based upon a solid foundation of research. We analyze your objectives, competitors, target audience, market opportunity and customer behavior. With this knowledge, the digital marketing strategy that has direction, structure and has the vital criteria in place to evaluate success and provide accountability. We implement a unique planning approach that addresses the core business issues of your organization.


Caleway listens and analyzes deeply to customer conversations about your product, brand or service and engages with messaging across major social networks. From Facebook to Pinterest we help you connect with your customers and ensure that your message is on board. First we create the content, then we apply Social CRM capabilities to analyze social behaviors including: Fan engagements, Audience analytics, Public relations, Customer experiences, Reputation management.

User expirience (UX)

Caleway team will analyze every aspect of human and technology interaction to ensure a streamlined and straight-forward user experience. Investing time and effort in getting the user experience right will ensure your services are fully adopted by your users and that its features are fully exploited. We take a holistic approach, looking at all aspects of user interaction. This process starts with extensive research to understand the needs and expectations of your campaigns audience.


Caleway knows that the ability to trigger hyper-relevant mobile content based on a location and customer behavior will become increasingly critical to creating exceptional experiences at every touch point, across mobile channels throughout the customer journey in real time. We design and develop mobile and customer experience applications that are perfectly suited for their users and their devices such as: iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone and Windows.

Cloud integration

Caleway help you to move away from big infrastructure investments in favor of cloud-based systems. The marketing cloud consists of integrated applications to collect and unleash the power of customer insight to optimize customer acquisition, conversion and retention efforts as well as the creation and distribution of content. Cloud solution helps the marketer connect data across the marketing ecosystem to an individual customer and analyze the performance of their efforts.

Our Story

We are a fast-growing Digital Marketing service provider, specializing in customer behavioral data analysis with hardcore IT skills. Based in Warsaw, we deliver our expertise to companies worldwide. There are three major characteristics of Caleway's offerings that differentiate us from the competitors:


We ensure efficiency and innovation through our light-weight processes. Our projects deploy efficiently and happen in the shortest possible time spans. We entrust our teams with the accurate decision making to respond to clients requests as quickly as possible.


The clients success and goal achievement are our main priority. Our consultants work with the utmost commitment to ensure timely completion of milestones, ensuring client satisfaction. This has formed the basis of trust, between us on our clients.


Our consultants come with proven track records at an enterprise level, full-lifecycle implementations for multinational customers. The extensive experience in our dedicated staff, ensures our client's needs are met at their highest potential without any interruptions.

Who we are?

We are a team of managers and consultants who acquired their practical experience through several years of working for the world's leading digital companies.

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